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In 1973, Kazuo Futatsugi was pursuing knowledge in order to inherit familiy business as Confectionery Wholesaler.
One day his father told him to open golf shop in Ameyoko and that was beginning.

His father Genji believed that there was growth in the business about the leisure and sport in Japan which continued the economic growth.

The first golf shop was opened in the place where well known for many bargain shopper in Tokyo called Ameyoko.

At that time, the golf industry in Japan was exclusive and many wholesale dealer refused to do business with new entry of golf shop.

Kazuo solved the problem by importing golf merchandise directly from overseas.
This method also brought more advantage that it stood up in the price and wide variety of goods in stock among other golf shop in Japan.

1979 was turning point for our company. Kazuo saw various store in America, and he believed that the times of shopping by car is coming near future.
He built big store with parking lot in Saitama.

There were doubts among the people in golf business about Kazuo's new big scale golf shop located far from station.
Usually, to open the golf shop near the station was common sense, because Japanese cities developed around the network of railroads, and the diffusion of the car was delayed in Japan from the United States.
But he was sure of his success at opening day.

The development of nationwide chain store was started at that time.

Life with golf is fun!
Golf for everybody!
Therefore provide golf equipment at inexpensive price for everyone!
These are our principles.

Provide the goods at inexpensive price by the importing from overseas and the one with large quantity buying.
Open a store at roadside of the whole nationwide, and introduce various golf articles to as many people as possible.
All our employees love golf and continue to provide best service to our customer.
These are our philosophy.

The philosophy of our company is succeeded by Kazuo's younger brother Masato, and now Kazuo’s son Kazunari is taking over the Niki golf to grow.

The number of our store is 51 and we have 631 employees and the total sale in 2015 was 160,000,000 dollars.

This is the proof that our principle and philosophy were supported by golfer in Japan.


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